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PUQPRESS automatic coffee and espresso tamper 53 mm / 58 mm / 58.3 mm

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PUQPRESS automatic coffee and espresso tamper 53 mm / 58 mm / 58.3 mm

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PuqPress automatic coffee and espresso tamper

for diamters of  53 mm,  58 mm and 58.3 mm

Why PuqPress?

Roasting, grinding, tamping, making. These are all important steps in producing a perfect espresso. These days, highly sophisticated grinders and espresso machines regulate the coffee-making process optimally, so why run risks by tamping manually?
The Puqpress®, a tamper that’s indispensable to today’s barista, ensures that your ground coffee is always tamped with the same pressure. This means that a change of personnel shifts will no longer affect the quality of your espresso Because of its unique clamping mechanism, the portafilter is always kept level.
Oblique tamping is therefore a thing of the past! With cycle duration of only 1.3 seconds, it is faster to use the Puqpress® than to tamp by hand. Its compact design makes the Puqpress® easy to fit between the coffee bean grinder and the espresso machine. From bean grinder to Puqpress® to espresso machine; these are the operations the modern barista carries out!

How does the PuqPress work?

The Puqpress® is an automatic coffee tamper which always tamps your ground coffee with a constant pressure. The pressure can easily be set between 10 -30 kg using the controls at the back of the device. The display shows the pressure at which the tamper is set.

Thanks to its patented clamping mechanism, the Puqpress® can be used with all types of portafilters. The tamper is, moreover, customised specially for your type of portafilter. This ensures the best possible final result.

Available in two portafilter sizes: 53mm and 58mm

Selection: PUQPRESS automatic coffee and espresso tamper 53 mm / 58 mm / 58.3 mm

Product no. Diameter Colour Price
puq53s 53 mm black £717.27 *
puq58s 58 mm black £717.27 *
puq583 58,3 mm black £717.27 *
puq53w 53 mm white £771.37 *
puq58w 58 mm white £771.37 *
puq583w 58,3 mm white £771.37 *
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